Unit# 113-13119 84th Ave. Surrey, BC

Our History

Machinery, Woodworking & Metal-works since early 1800’s


Our history of machinery, woodworking, and metalworks come from the early 1800s by our great grandparents. We follow this path through generations as we first began our journey by being inspectors at the railway lines and farmers since then we knew that woodworking, metalworks, and machinery is our way of life.

Early in the 1950s, Sond Engineering and Railings Ltd was born, and we have come a long way marking an approximate of 70 years of expert service and proud customers, today. Two generations ago, Sond Engineering and Railing Ltd took its first steps led by Piara Singh Sond (the father of Makhan Singh Sond- the owner today), began by making simple machinery parts for machines worldwide; we brought the ‘engineering’ label into our name. Then along, came the thought of metalworks for making railings and spindles, with that, the ‘railing’ label came into the family and set place on the final name, Sond Engineering and Railing Ltd.

Over the next generation, Makhan Singh Sond had brought more into the business. In the early 1990s, Makhan Singh Sond came to Canada and began the complete business in 1998, marking since then, we have proudly satisfied over 200 customers over the past 22 years since 1998. A glimpse of thoughts came into mind and we then had the division of Sond Engineering and Railing Ltd, Bulandi Wood Design established in 2001, officially marking 19 years of business serving the Lower Mainland. The name Bulandi Wood Design comes from India, meaning elevation, to bring a new step into the Sond genes. Bulandi Wood Designs has made a great impact on our life to improve and invent new designs to give you the best quality and modern work.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers to the fullest and stay up to date by improving our work to give you only the best and modern work possible. Thank you for choosing Sond Engineering and Railings Ltd and Bulandi Wood Design Ltd.